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galvacomThe surface finish treatments are handled by Galvacom, a company within the Group. Galvacom galvanic treatments are made on brass, aluminum and PVD. Aluminum chrome plating is Colcom’s strong point. The success of it depends on various parameters and requirements that Galvacom is able to satisfy in all working phases thanks to the expertise acquired over years of activity and continuous improvement. The process is fully automated and the cycles are controlled by a software.

Galvacom galvanic surface treatments strong points:
• Corrosion resistance
• Coating thickness
• Deposit adherence
• Abrasion resistance
• Lab testing frequency
The galvanic facilities used by Galvacom meet different production needs and offer a complete service in the treatment of metal surfaces:
• Nickel plating treatment
• Chrome plating treatment
• Physical vapor deposition (PVD) treatment, which gives a wide range of color shades and excellent resistance to abrasion. Noble raw materials are used to give the components the desired color. Galvacom currently provides two colors: imitation of satin stainless steel and polished gold.
• Nickel plating and chrome plating, they can be made in different polished versions, matt version also known as “pearl”.

Galvacom guarantees high quality chrome plating treatments in dealing with companies that need small/medium quantities with products obtained from rods or die casting aluminum.


Available Surface Options



13-Brushed stainless steel like PVD

14-Chromium plated

15-Matt chromium plated

16-Gold polished PVD

31-Satine stainless steel

32-Bright stainless steel



Slash System for showers only comes in finish #47. View Finishes PDF